The unthinkable and unspeakable … the death of a child.

Being a part of Micah’s Children Foundation
is a way of letting grieving parents know you care when it hurts the most.

The compassion of others is what makes Micah’s Children Foundation possible.

Our Mission Statement:
To assist in easing the pain of grieving parents by providing burial funds for
the death of children through the generosity of the community. Our goal is to ensure that children are buried properly and with dignity.

“There can possibly be nothing more painful or devastating than the death of a child. Whether death is due to a long-term or short-term illness or whether it is a sudden, unexpected death, the family is faced with the expense of the burial. This unexpected and many times, unprepared for financial expense, adds an extraordinary burden to the grieving process. Micah’s Children Foundation’s purpose, during this time of crisis and sorrow, is to comfort and assist parents and loved ones by helping with burial expenses from money raised through corporate and individual donations and fund-raising efforts.”
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Our Vision Statement:
To become a national, financial and emotional support system to parents that face devastation of the death of their child. Service delivery is through local community affiliates, with a single focus of “Easing the Pain when it Hurts the Most”. Through the power of the community, families can begin the healing process without the financial burden of burial costs.

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