Funds are available to qualifying parents to assist with burial expenses for the death of a child (age 0 – 17):

1. Income eligible – family doesn’t have the means to pay for the burial. (A copy of the last tax return, payroll stub or public assistance documents can be used to qualify)

2. National Heroes - Current and ex-military (those who have served our Country in the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines or Air Force. It's our time to say thank you for protecting our country and our freedom.)

3. Local Heroes - Current or former community servants; police and firefighters. You put your life at risk for us everyday. We want to help you when you need help the most.

Our goal is to ease the pain of mothers, fathers, and grandparents and close friends of the family who have to deal with the extra burden of not having access to funds to pay for the burial of a child.

Micah’s Children Foundation helps answer one of the many questions facing a family with this terrible tragedy - “We don’t have the financial means to pay for the funeral”.


1. Application cannot be requested by the funeral home. Only the parents or guardian may request and receive funds. Click here for application.

2. A copy of the death certificate must be received prior to the release of funds.

These funds are made available through donations from community groups, corporations and individual donors. With love, respect and honor for the deceased, Micah’s Children Foundation desires to ease the pain when it hurts the most by assisting in providing burial funds.

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