Fact: Americans do not like to talk about death, let alone the death of a child. Parents seldom have funds set aside for the death of a child.

Fact: Funeral homes are frequently faced with a dilemma, when a call from a loved one asks, “My child has died and I have no funds for the burial. There isn’t any place that can help me. What am I to do? My child/baby must be buried decently.”

Fact: The cost of a child’s funeral depends upon age; however, the average cost runs about $ 3,200.00. This does not include the cemetery fees.

Micah’s Children Foundation knows the grieving process is difficult. The Foundation was established to ensure that children are buried properly and with dignity for:

1. Low Income Families
2. National Heroes - Current or Ex-Military Families
3. Local Heroes - Current or Former Police and Firefighters

We’re committed to helping when it hurts the most and easing the burden for family members.

The National Statistics that helped validate and initiated Micah’s Children Foundation:

Causes of Children’s Death

Highest Ranking State in the United States

Per 100,000
Children’s Deaths

Houston Ranking 

 Homicide (age 15-19)

 New Orleans, LA


 # 11

Homicide (age 1 14)

Atlanta, GA


# 5

Suicide (age 15-19)

Denver, CO



Drowning (age 1 – 14)

Phoenix, AZ


# 4

Motor Vehicle (age 1 – 14)

Houston, TX


# 1

Motor Vehicle (age 15-19)

Denver, Co


# 6

All Accidents (less than 1 year old)

Detroit, MI


# 4

In Houston, Texas, the founding site of Micah’s Children Foundation, car accidents are the number one killer of children.

Across America, there is a spike in child drownings and teen homicides are capturing the headlines.

In the first six months of 2006, 21 teens were killed by violence in Houston.

Click here to review Micah’s Children Foundation Research project conducted by two Harvard Kennedy School of Government graduates, one of which is also an M.D.

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