Micah’s Children Foundation actually began on August 17, 1995 in the emergency room of Cypress Fairbanks Hospital when Abbie and Michael Jefferson’s son was born premature. They chose to name him, Micah Isaiah Jefferson. Micah lived for only a few minutes. On July 26, 2006, 12 years later, the Micah’s Children Foundation was founded, a non-profit organization based in Texas.

When a child dies, parents such as, the Jefferson's, feel:

No parent can believe their child would die before them. What happens when it does?

Emotions of anger, sadness, rage, desperation and despair become constant companions for many families. Confusion reigns. The shock and that first wave of grief didn’t seem to subside for Michael and Abbie Jefferson. Parents, like the Jefferson’s, have to gather every ounce of strength just to go on with their lives. The difficulty of planning the funeral was overwhelming for the couple, especially when personal finances are an issue for the family.

This is when the aide of the community is needed the most. Micah’s Children Foundation was created to assist in bridging the financial shortfall of families faced with funeral expenses.

Micah’s goal is simple and single focused: Easing the family’s financial burden of a funeral during their time of grief.

What Abbie and Michael Jefferson have done by establishing Micah’s Children Foundation, is to make Micah’s life memorable, by helping others reach out to families in need.

About Micah’s Logo

Abbie Jefferson had visions of Micah and the love of Christ rescuing and taking him in his arms.The Jefferson’s commissioned a good friend and well renowned artist, Buford Evans to paint Abbie’s vision of Micah. The portrait gave the Jefferson’s peace. The logo for Micah’s Children Foundation was developed in honor of Micah from that painting.

In the greatest time of sorrow, Micah’s hand eases the financial pain.

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