Death of a child is:
Something few parents talk about before it happens.

Something parents keep telling themselves won’t happen to their child.

Something many parents are financially unprepared for.

Marked by shock, disbelief, and intense grief.

Wondering how you can possibly manage to go on.

An emptiness that cannot be filled.

One of the greatest challenges and tasks in life is facing the burial of your child. It has often been said, “When the doctor writes the death certificate for the child, they should write one for the parents, because a part of the parent dies too at that moment”.

With the death of a child, the world changes forever for the parents. What follows this tragic loss is an incredibly difficult journey. This situation is unbelievably devastating to the family. It is extremely difficult to focus on the simplest details, let alone the inevitable funeral. Parents suffer bouts of immense sadness. No one can image how overwhelming it is, unless you have also lost a child.

Helping Others Reach Out to Families in Need

The unspeakable, unthinkable nightmare is losing a child. During that time of sorrow, the parents must prepare for a funeral.

Becoming a supporter of Micah’s Children Foundation is a way to walk with the bereaved parents, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends, as they find their way to peace. Picking out the casket and making decisions about the service is the last thing the family wants to do. Finding the finances can also be a very difficult, but necessary task.

Being a member of Micah’s Children Foundation is a way of being there in the greatest time of need. It’s the Power of the community.

Micah’s Children Foundation is:
• A gift to the family they will never forget.
• An organization that builds a monument of caring.
• A lifeline of support to assist in paying for the funeral of a beloved child.
• A tangible way to offer condolences of love.

An extraordinary formation of community financial support that uplifts families and showers them with a sense of the community’s love.

Micah’s Foundation is a light that burns through the darkness of the parents’ grief.

Micah’s Children Foundation is an outpouring of the community’s support, love and mercy.

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