When a parent has lost a child they love so dearly…Nothing prepares them for the grueling ordeal of going through the funeral. Moving forward is hard. It’s hard to face the finality of the child’s death – the burial. The grief is real and has a devastating impact on the parent. What happens when the family realizes they don’t have money to bury their child? The burial cost is added to the already terrible ordeal and insurmountable family sadness.

Micah’s Children Foundation is Here to Ease the Pain When It Hurts the Most.
Due to the Strength of Others...

Micah’s represents the hand of friendship from the community. You can be a bright light by donating to Micah’s Children Foundation.

After the initial shock of the death of a child, the family must face funeral arrangements and costs. Making funeral decisions and the gruesome details of burying your child is a terrible task.

Micah’s Children Foundation is here to provide financial relief by providing burial funds to families who qualify.
Donate to one of Micah’s Circles:
What we each do now echoes throughout eternity. Help when it hurts the most.

Micah's Children Foundation's 2007 Visionary Corporate Leadership Award Recipient is Church of Champion.

Circle of Grace
Death of children due to drowning
($200 to $499 Donation)
Circle of Hope
Death of children due to suicide
($500 to $999 Donation)
Circle of Mercy
Death of children due to unintentional injury
($1,000 to $4,999 Donation)
Circle of Peace
Death of children due to homicide
($5,000 to $9,999 Donation)
Circle of Healing
Death of children due to disease
($10,000 to $14,999 Donation)
Circle of Love
Death of children due to infant mortality
($15,000 to $19,999 Donation)
Corporate Circle Member
($20,000.00 & up)
Individual Circle Member
Other- Every gift helps. The small donations add up to make a big difference. Micah’s Children Foundation is a source to bring financial support to families in crisis.
(Less than $100.00)

Supporting Micah’s Foundation is a way for you to express your sympathy. Please help to ease the burden when it hurts the most.

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Micah’s Children Foundation
14434 Old Humble Road, Suite 100
Humble, TX 77396-3331


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